The Flat Head X CORLECTION 17oz D306MKC Natural Indigo Cotton/Silk Denim (Relax Tapered Fit)

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In the name of Masayoki Kobayashi, founder of The Flat Head. You know, this pair of our denim collaboration with The Flat Head is some "Ultimate Luxury" ones for you to enjoy and collect!

This 17oz denim is specially developed by Kobayashi, founder of The Flat Head and created for the high-end The Flat Head/Japanese Denim hardcore fans! It is made up of 95% full-grain, long fibre cotton & 5% high-grade silk. The touch is much smoother if you compare it with The Flat Head's signature 14.5oz; The vertical texture is even much stronger due to its heavier weight!

Talking about the indigo-dyeing technique, the warp is grand indigo dyed 24 times like their signature 14.5oz denim then 11 times natural indigo dyed over the top! The colour looks even much darker than their 21oz denim and takes more time to age along, with wear and wash, you will see many bright shades of natural indigo coming up little by little and a higher contrasted look becomes later!

Construction-wise, The Flat Head asked their most skilful denim artisans in their studio to finish this collaboration denim. To make sure of a perfect stitching construction, each artisan can only finish 2 ~ 3 pairs of this collaboration denim per day from the beginning to the end, individually! We can proudly say, this pair of collaboration denim is heart-fully made by 'Old School Tailor Standard'!

Due to the limited run of this 17oz natural indigo cotton/silk denim, it is only 50 pairs made worldwide! If you are looking for some 'TOP OF THE TOP' Japanese denim, they are some ideal one!

  • 95% Long fibre, full-grain cotton & 5% high-grade silk
  • Japanese 17oz burgundy colour ID selvage cotton/silk denim (which is slowly woven from old machine)
  • Grand indigo is 24 times yarn-dyed then 11 times natural indigo dyed over the top
  • Vegetable-tanned goatskin leather patch
  • Iron buttons fly
  • Hidden copper rivets
  • Double-stitched front & back pockets
  • Mid-high Rise/ Slim Tapered fit
  • Made In Japan

This denim is some un-sanforized denim which has 3~5% shrinkage with wash:

Cold Soak: 0.5'' in the waist; 0.75'' in the inseam
Warm Soak/Cold Machine Wash: 0.75'' in the waist; 1'' in the inseam
Warm Machine Wash: 1.25'' in the waist; 1.5'' in the inseam

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