The Flat Head "Skull & Snake" Reversible Sukajan Jacket

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When talking about the most iconic Japanese designs, it's impossible to ignore the Souvenir aka Sukajan jacket. To be frank, no brand can do it as The Flat Head does!

Inspired by traditional Japanese folklore symbolism, the skilful embroidery represents the 'Wabi-Sabi' mindset. All things will fade to dust in time, but in the process, the true beauty of things is revealed. The crackled skulls and bones depict this logic but in stark contrast, the snake motif is applied to communicate that with the death of some things, life persists in another way.

The most crucial part is of course the outer shell! TFH has specially developed their bamboo rayon over the last decade. It has a beautiful sheen like silk but is much more durable and resilient to scuffing. In the light, this one dances like diamonds!

The ribbed cuffs have been specially created using knitting machines to result in the perfect fit. This jacket also has a 'B' side, the construction is incredibly well concealed in the fact each side does not look compromised and is super accurate.

The embroidery is a whole different art altogether. The craftsmen at TFH use tattoo-like, handheld vintage embroidery machines and 'paint' each jacket. The benefit of this is a more raised texture and intricate design making up for a three-dimensional look. With a smooth feeling, custom TFH zip and double-sided design... this is the real Sukajan!

If you've been wanting to try one of the most iconic designs that have risen from Japan, this is it. This is the highest level of Sukajan we've seen so far, no doubt!

  • 100% Rayon
  • Japanese medium weight bamboo rayon fabric (specially developed by TFH)
  • The graphic designs are hand-embroidered by vintage machine
  • Ribbed collar & cuffs
  • Twin front side pockets
  • Slim fit
  • Made In Japan

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