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The Flat Head Horsehide Rider Jacket

The Flat Head

The Flat Head Horsehide Rider Jacket

$2,893.00 AUD

Previously we introduced the deerskin rider jacket, we were amazed by its lightweight and functional design. The Flat Head are one of the best of the best when it comes to high-end leather products, they continue to do the un-imaginable and improve their products every season!

These new rider jackets are created from TFH’s own, specially developed 1.3mm thick horsehide. Their exclusive collaboration with Shinki tannery in Japan allows them to create some of the best horsehide we have seen. Each flawless hide is extremely carefully selected from Europe and is tanned entirely in Shinki’s own factory in Japan for up to six months. This tanning process (used exclusively by TFH) takes a significant amount of skill, each hide is repeatedly black tea-core dyed, building the rich dark black colour, layer by layer. This means that with wear you will see the surface become even richer in tone and begin to see the natural brown core colour shine through.

For the internal lining, the chest features a specially woven, check flannel fabric. Created from 100% cotton, this will keep you cosy but also allow the jacket to breath. As for the sleeves, a super silky rayon fabric has been used to allow for improved comfort and mobility during wear. 

Construction wise, the entire jacket has been carefully crafted in TFH’s own leather craftsman factory, ‘Stockburg’. There are only a few craftsman who are able to complete the extremely difficult details on each jacket. Much of the process includes hand sewn stitching in order to achieve the perfect fit and durability. This allows the jacket to maintain its original shape while fitting to the body shape of the owner.

The experience of wearing one of TFH’s leather jackets is too difficult to describe, to truly appreciate its design, construction and comfort, you must try it on. A leather jacket is very special item that you will wear and enjoy for a lifetime, why not have one of the best in your collection!?

  • 1.3mm European flawless horsehide leather (tanned by The Flat Head in Japan)
  • Twin front chest pockets
  • Twin front side pockets 
  • Hidden left chest pocket
  • Vintage “Bites” zippers
  • 12oz flannel linings 
  • Silky rayon lining for sleeves
  • Slim fit
  • Made In Japan

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