Studio D'Artisan "Hundred Tigers" Aloha S/S Shirt (Kurozome)

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Iconic Hawaiian Aloha shirt design meets traditional Japanese dyeing techniques!

SDA has cooked up a truly special aloha shirt, utilising traditional dyeing techniques dating back over 1,000 years. Originating from the Kyoto Montsuki dyeing tradition, these garments were worn by Buddhist priests and Samurai as formal attire. This dyeing method involves a slow and laborious process whereby base layers of red or indigo dye are applied before a natural black hand dye derived from betel nuts (Binroji) is applied multiple times. Each garment is hand-dyed by one of a small handful of highly skilled craftsmen, resulting in a super dark, ultimate-black colourway!

This specially developed 60% cotton, 40% polyester jacquard fabric has been slowly woven using vintage jacquard machines. This results in an eye-popping three-dimensional texture revealing the iconic hundred tigers (and pigs) Aloha shirt design! With time, this shirt will age to a soulful vintage look as the graphic design becomes more apparent!

Speaking of details, this shirt features a large open-collar design, a left chest pocket and engraved black urea buttons for some tasteful tonal contrast!

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind aloha shirt made with traditional Japanese dyeing techniques, this is an amazing choice!

  • 60% Cotton & 40% Polyester
  • Japanese lightweight jacquard knitting fabric 
  • "Kurozome" natural black is thread hand-dyed
  • Left chest pocket
  • Urea buttons
  • Once washed (minimal shrinkage)
  • Slim fit
  • Made In Japan

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