Studio D'Artisan "Hinode" Ultra Heavyweight Jacketed Shirt

$484.00 AUD

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A solid choice for this autumn & winter!

Each season, SDA brings us another taste of the vast fabrication history Japan has to offer. We bet you will be impressed with this one!

"Hi-no-de", otherwise known as the 'rising sun' colour is a traditional dying method with many tones of deep red. This Hinode dyed 'nell' fabric is ultra heavy at 15oz but has a very soft and dense feeling. Those with a keen eye can spot the selvage inside the chest pockets. Without the itchiness of wool, this neal outer shell is unlined and will keep you cosy and safe! With time, watch as the Hinode red fades to a lighter shade revealing some soft contrast like the sunset.

Constructed with black-coated metal snaps, this one will keep itself secure in any situation. The minimal, symmetrical chest pockets are a tasteful, vintage-inspired touch. For added durability, the inner collar and other areas have been lined with HBT fabric like some vintage hunting jackets.

If you're after a super serious flannel for this season, this is a very unique choice!

  • 100% Cotton
  • Japanese 15oz selvage 'nell' fabric (slowly and tightly woven from the vintage machine)
  • The traditional "Hinode" colour is yarn-dyed
  • Twin chest pockets
  • Black-coated iron buttons
  • Lightweight HBT lined collar & yoke
  • Binding construction
  • Made In Japan

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