Studio D'Artisan "Great Indigo Wave" Natural Indigo Dyed Tee

$264.00 AUD

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View of Mt. Fuji from the deep-blue indigo sea!

SDA has released this natural indigo tie-dyed, discharge printed graphic tee featuring a design inspired by the classic Japanese ukiyo-e artwork "The Great Wave of Kanagawa."

This tee has natural indigo overdyed to produce a deep, rich indigo blue, while the wave and mountain graphic has been discharged printed. Finally, this tee has been "bassen-dyed" by skilled craftsmen, which involves a process similar to tie-dying to remove indigo colour resulting in pockets of stark-white bleached cotton blending into the solid indigo blue! With time you can enjoy some beautiful ageing as the shirt reveals multiple shades of light and dark indigo!

The fabric has been slowly woven using 100% American cotton on vintage loopwheel machines to produce a subtly irregular fabric!

If you are looking for the next-level natural indigo overdyed tee, with a classic design drawn from Japanese traditional art and dyeing techniques then this could be a perfect choice!

  • 100% Cotton
  • American 6oz loopwheel knitting fabric
  • Natural indigo is over-dyed
  • The graphic design is discharge printed & tie-dyed
  • “American Flag” tag is attached
  • Once washed (minimal shrinkage)
  • Slim fit
  • Constructed in Japan

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