Samurai X CORLECTION 6.7oz Loopwheeled Tee (Natural Indigo X Sumi Black)

$176.00 AUD

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We want to show you guys the DARK SIDE of indigo!

Each season we see some amazing indigo-dyed tees but we know many of you ask for something even darker than grand indigo!

We've worked with Samurai to create this specially developed tee! This 6.7oz loopwheel fabric is super slowly woven using vintage machines, the yarn is dyed with dark, natural indigo. To add more depth to the fabric, a natural Sumi-black overdye is applied to achieve the ultimate, dark black-indigo appearance. With long-term usage, you'll see some striking contrast like some powerful waves in the deep sea!

Constructed with a triple stitched, ribbed collar band and extra heavy cotton threads these will keep their shape longer with wear.

If you've been seeking a dark tonal loopwheel tee to wear and enjoy with time, this is a very special choice!

  • 100% Cotton
  • Japanese 6.7oz loopwheeled knitting fabric
  • Natural indigo & Sumi-Black are hand-dyed
  • Flat stitched collar, sleeves & hem
  • Once washed (minimal shrinkage)
  • Regular fit
  • Made In Japan

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