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Pure Blue Japan KS-013-WID Irregular Double Indigo Denims Slim Tapered fit (Special Edition)

Pure Blue Japan

Pure Blue Japan KS-013-WID Irregular Double Indigo Denims Slim Tapered fit (Special Edition)

$396.00 AUD

This is one of the latest versions of the 013 fit, this time using their new exclusive Irregular Double Indigo denim fabric!

The Irregular Double Indigo fabric is quite different to the classic 013 14.5oz version, it is not as slubby and weighs in slightly heaver at 16.05z. Unlike the original 'Irregular Indigo' version the weft threads have also been indigo dyed! If you look closely at the vertical threads you can see the variation of the dark indigo dye colour on both sides of the fabric!

Initially the deep indigo dyed fabric looks almost like black. After wear, the many shades of the irregular indigo dye will gradually appear with strong vertical contrast and have a beautiful indigo rainfall affect, we think that this looks quite soulful! This kind of appearance was only possible by using natural dyed denim but PBJ has brought this fabric to life using double indigo dyed denim.

Most of the time naturally dyed denim ages quite slowly and has little contrast, but this Irregular Double Indigo fabric is quite different! It is doubled indigo dyed and will age quicker and with bigger contrast, this is some real Pure Blue Japan double indigo dye magic!!

The 013 fit is one of our most popular slim tapered fits! Why not give the ‘PBJ Double Rainfall Magic’ a try, we guarantee you will be amazed by the ageing!

  • 100% Cotton
  • Irregular indigo dyed weft & warp
  • 16.5oz Japanese blue selvage ID slubby textured denim
  • Vegetable tanned deerskin leather patch
  • Copper buttons & Hidden back rivets
  • Roped beltloops
  • PBJ "Leaf" Logo is embroidered in the left back pocket
  • Mid rise/ Slim tapered fit
  • Made In Japan

The denim are unsanforized which will shink 4~8% with washes:

  • Cold Soak : 0.75'' in the waist ; 0.75'' in the inseam 
  • Warm Soak/Cold Machine Wash: 1'' in the waist ; 1.5'' in the inseam 
  • Warm Machine Wash: 1.5'' in the waist ; 2'' in the inseam

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