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Jelado McCarty Cowboy Wool Hats


Jelado McCarty Cowboy Wool Hats

$154.00 AUD $253.00 AUD

Jelado "McCarty" Cowboy Wool Hats in stock. We receive these beautiful hat pieces from Jelado company. They are made of top grade blended 100 % wool. They are soft and smooth like cashmere but still keep the beautiful shape of the hat. The blended wool is super skin-friendly, you won't have the itchy feeling that normal wool hat gives you. The Design of the hat is a traditional wide-brimmed cow boy hat. It is a good styling item if you like some western style to go with your matching. They are hand built in Japan by the skillful hat artisan which will guarantee the life time in use quality. Even though they are cowboy hats, they are actually looking great on girls as well.

  • 100% blended wool (feels like some cashmere texture)
  • Genius cowhide leather lining
  • Made In Japan

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