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Freewheelers "Top Broke" Panama Hat (Natural)


Freewheelers "Top Broke" Panama Hat (Natural)

$275.00 AUD

Freewheelers is a company that always try to bring back some of the most signature classic. If we are looking back into the style of 1920s era, Panama hat is something that you can't ignore. From The Great Gatsby to The Lover of Marguerite Duras, in movies or novels about 1920s, you can always see Panama hat as an important fashion icon.

Panama hat is originally a traditional brimmed straw hat of Ecuadorian and then became popular among workers in Panama Canal. The Freewheelers "Broken Top" Panama hat is hand made out of jute braid in Japan from some most experienced hat making artisan. The pattern has been hand weaved with some super tight but clean texture that guarantee you a super breathable and durable using experience. We bring in two colorway - the classic natural and indigo sulphur dyed for you to choose.

  • Jute braid (hand braid in Japan with some most skilful hat makers)
  • Silk tie and lining
  • Super tight and clean texture
  • Jute natural color
  • Free size
  • Made in Japan

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