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Warehouse Lot. 900 Slim Tapered Fit


Warehouse Lot. 900 Slim Tapered Fit

$319.00 AUD
This is the slim tapered fit denims made by the Warehouse Co. and there's a lot of details you will find the 900 is very similar to the 800 like the iron buttons, copper coated steel rivets, roped belt-loops and the running number on the back, etc. However unlike the Warehouse's standard setting Lot. 800, it comes in a very smooth 13.5oz warehouse original selvage fabric made from a blend of cottons from 3 states across the U.S. Although the fabric is smooth but it is quite wild and raw, this gotta be a very fun process to age your 900's! Also, the Lot. 900 ages into a vintage look due time however, it is not just a pair of vintage remake, it is a step up by bringing the vintage fabric and modern cutting together and this is the Warehouse's call to the future!
  • 100% Cotton (Blend of cottons from 3 states across the U.S.)
  • Mid rise
  • Slim Tapered fit
  • 13.5oz Warehouse original Japanese selvage denim
  • 100% cotton thread top stitching
  • 5 buttons fly
  • Copper coated Steel rivets
  • Roped Belt-loops
  • Running number stitched to the leather patch
  • 100% cotton thread top stitching
  • Embossed deer skin leather patch
  • Made In Japan

    The Warehouse Lot. 900 denims are unsanforized denims which have 7% shrinkage if you wash them in hot water

    • Cold soak : 0.75" in waist ; 1.25" in the length
    • Cold wash/warm soak : 1.25" in the waist ; 2" in the length
    • Warm wash: 1.75" in the waist ; 2.5" in the length
    • Hot wash: 2" in the waist ; 2.75" in the length

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